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Israh consults for a range of organisations that work with young adults to ensure that projects meet core aims of youth engagement and offer meaningful experiences.

recent consultancy projects


Wild Time for girls - wildwise

Creative director for a nature-based mentoring program for teenage girls. This year long program addresses pertinent themes facing young women such as body image and emotional resilience, whilst also providing a space to explore, learn new skills, meet new people and have an adventure.


Girls For Girls -

inspire worldwide

Consultant for a unique programme focusing on the empowerment of girls through workshops and women-focused community projects. Workshops developed included themes of leadership/barriers, empowerment and confidence building.


Rites of Passage program - way of nature

Co-creator of a week-long program for 2018. A group of young men and women will set foot along the Cornish coast, breathe deep and feel empowered to forge their own path in life. The program will be full of creativity, adventure, depth and curiosity.

‘Israh’s passion for this work burns as brightly as the fires she tends with the young people on our youth programme, Wild Time. Her quality of attention and depth of care for the youngsters is exemplary, and anyone entrusting their time with her in wild places can be wholly reassured of a beautiful blend of creativity, professionalism, and those rare qualities of mischief and joy.’ Chris Salisbury, WildWise Director

Israh carries a special blend of soulful knowledge, deep integrity, and big, open-hearted love for this work and all life. The work she is doing is so needed, and she does it in great style. Its an honour to know her and work with her.
— Andres Roberts co-founder Way of Nature UK and founding partner Bio-Leadership Project.

speaking & media

Israh is a deep thinking, deep feeling, profound woman who has had (and continues to have) a varied and fascinating life. She has found her calling in supporting people to pass through critical and often challenging thresholds in their lives - both in her role as a midwife and as a wilderness rites of passage guide. She is strong, inspiring, capable, connected, immensely alive and, above all, caring.

Israh is available to share her experiences around wilderness-based rites of passage and supporting young adults through times of transition. Her varied experiences both personally and professionally offer an interesting and unique insight into this work and she is keen to increase accessibility.

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