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my story

After a childhood spent living abroad, and an education purposefully directed by the different cultures and communities we lived with, I returned to the UK to complete education formally. At 19, after raising the funds to do so, I moved to Nepal to work for a grass roots aid organisation. Enthused by the beauty of the mountains and the people I lived with, I returned to the UK to study women's health and outdoor education.  

My continued respect and intrigue around traditional ways of life led me to undertake my own research project across the Silk Road in 2004. Travelling overland, I lived with communities and tribes throughout Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan and India and spent time researching and learning from traditional healers and midwives.

Returning to the UK I became a midwife - a practical skill that I believe cuts across any cultural, religious or social differences and inevitably opens the door to an immense experience in human nature. I have worked as a midwife both in the UK and abroad, with a recent post with the Afar in Ethiopia. I am currently working in Bristol, UK.

I have found great inspiration by spending extended periods of time in nature - particularly in the mountains. I have undertaken several long distance trails including a month of the Lycian Way in Turkey, weeks of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and a 6 month, 2700 mile wilderness trail from Mexico to Canada called the Pacific Crest Trail. Since qualifying as an outdoor instructor, I have trained with the School of Lost Borders in the USA and completed three years of outdoor leadership training with Schumacher College. I have also attended specialist training in women's health, youth work, wilderness first aid and child protection.

I have worked in various settings and with many different clients as a mountain leader and specialist in guiding transformative personal change. Clients include nature-based mental health charities, schools, outdoor education centres, Duke of Edinburgh, John Muir and personal development expedition companies. 

Current projects for 2018 include working with both adults and youth in the outdoors. For adults, I will be co-leading Call of the Wild at Schumacher College and running a women's wilderness retreat with Way of Nature UK. For youth, I will be running a nature-based mentoring and rites of passage program in the UK with Wild Wise and Way of Nature UK , working with Wilderness Expertise on an 11 month program that culminates in a month-long expedition to Lesotho, and facilitating a cultural immersion program called Girls4Girls in Uganda.  





Motivated by a desire to explore and connect with people and wild places, Israh has travelled and hosted programmes all over the world. Her journeys and programmes have included travelling the Silk Road, trekking in New Zealand, the Middle East, Central America and Europe, and the Pacific Crest Trial (from Mexico to Canada). She is a qualified Mountain Leader and trained in Outdoor Environmental Education, and has lead expeditions worldwide. She has particular interests in Rites of Passage work and runs a nature-based mentoring programme for teenage girls. As a trained midwife she has worked with remote tribes in the Afar region of Ethiopia and in Zanzibar’s government and bush hospitals.



Call of the Wild                                              2018                                    Co-facilitator at Wild Wise and Schumacher                   

Wilderness Expertise                                    2018                                     Lesotho Expedition Leader

Way of Nature Women’s Programme         2017 and 2018                   Course director and Facilitator

WildTime                                                         2017 and 2018                   Program designer and facilitator

Wilderness Expertise                                    2017                                      Ladakh  Expedition Leader

Wild Wise Devon                                           2016/ 2017                          Assistant Facilitator

Wilderness Expertise                                    2016                                     Armenia   Expedition Leader

Way of Nature UK                                         2016                                     Assistant Facilitator at Findhorn Foundation

Zenith Institute                                             2015                                      Expedition lead and course director Wild Rites

Wilderness Expertise                                   2015                                      Expedition Leader

WildTime                                                       2014                                      Project designer and facilitator

Call of the Wild                                            2015                                       Assistant facilitator

Wilderness Expertise                                  2014                                       Ghana Expedition Leader

World Challenge                                          2014                                       Ethiopia Expedition Leader

St Michaels Maternity Hospital                 2014                                       Midwife

AFAR, Ethiopia                                            2013                                       Midwife

Queen Elizabeth Hospital                          2010                                       Midwife

Discovery Quest                                         2010/11                                  Mountain Leader

Collets Mountain Holidays                        2008                                        Mountain Guide Dolomites, Italy

Zenith Project                                             2007                                        Project Organiser Switzerland

Complimentary Health Care Clinic          2003/5                                     Nutrition Advisor



Lesotho 2018

Ladakh India 2017

Armenia 2016

La Palma 2016 

Spain 2016/2017  

Switzerland 2015 

Ghana 2015 

Ethiopia 2014

New Zealand 2014 

Pacific Crest Trail, USA 2013 

The Afar, Ethiopia 2013 .

Turkey 2011 

Zanzibar, Pemba and Tanzania 2009 

Morocco 2008

Costa Rica 2006 

Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan and India, 2004 

Nepal, India and Thailand, 2001- 2002 






We wanted to thank you for leading us on this expedition. It wouldn’t have been the same with anyone else. We all feel like you’ve had a massive impact on our perspectives on life and ourselves and owe you a lot for that. Not only do we value your abilities of forgiveness and faith in us but you have become a great friend for all of us. You have become a confidante, guide and inspiration to each of us.
— Student Group, Armenia Expedition, 2016
I know countless others have probably said this to you before but I wanted to take some time to mention how extraordinarily lucky I feel to have met you and to have had your guidance over these past weeks. Your unwavering ability to see the fundamental goodness in people and your outlook on what is truly valuable and sacred in life is breath taking. I know already that my time spent with you is going to change the way I live my life. I appreciate your sense of humour, your company and patience with me over this trip. I owe so much to you for the positive impact you have had on me and also my friends. Thank you so much.
— Seren, Armenia Expedition, 2016
You have literally been the most inspiring person I have ever met. That sounds like I am exaggerating, but I’ve never talked to or met someone like you, someone who I can relate to as well as admire. Thank you for the opportunity you have provided me to see that I do have a place in a group to be myself and feel comfortable with that. I feel like you have helped me more than you know in taking those first steps in loving me for me. The way you have lived your life is proof to me I can live mine however I want and I shall take every opportunity I have to make the most of it. Thank you.
— Esti, Armenia Expedition, 2016
In the last three weeks you have touched on areas in my life which I’ve never properly spoken about or addressed. It has made me rethink so many things which I never thought could change. It didn’t occur to me I would find it so difficult to explain myself, but I hope you understand that you have enlightened me, inspired me and made me want to change so much about my life. I wanted to thank you for looking after me when I was ill on the trek, and when I burnt my arm. You are so kind and patient.
Thank you for helping me sober up and showing me I can achieve what I want in my life. I have really enjoyed your company and you have shown me that I am worth more than getting high everyday. Thank you.
— Anonymous, Armenia Expedition, 2016
You have been the most interesting and inspiring person I have ever been lucky enough to get to know. Thank you so much for supporting me on this trip and taking so much time to help and guide me. You’ve taught me so much in so many different ways. I really hope I carry on to find myself more and achieve even half of what you have done in your life. Lots of love.
— Anonymous, Armenia Expedition, 2016
Israh was an excellent leader, I felt that she really got to know all of us individually and spent time getting to know us which made me feel very well looked after. She made wise decisions and I felt very safe with her. Whilst being a good leader she also made sure we were having fun and we had a lot of fun on expedition. Israh really looked after me when I was feeling unwell and also when I wasn’t she was always making sure I was okay which was so nice as I always felt safe and it was very heart warming to have met such a kind, interesting and amazing person on this expedition.
— Anonymous, Ladakh Expedition, 2017
Israh Goodall was the best group leader you could possibly ask for - kind, considerate and has her leadership balanced down to a tee. Also a highly experienced well-traveled person. Genuine legend.
— Anonymous, Ladakh Expedition, 2017

Student Notes

•             Israh kind and helpful, became a figure of support and help.

•             Israh is an excellent Leader in all aspects.

•             Wouldn't have been same without Israh as Leader.

•             Israh could not have been more knowledgeable or lovely, she was like a mother to us all.

•             11/11 rated Leader excellent.


Wild Time for girls

In asking to explain Wild Time to a friend:

I would say how amazing it is to be around other people your age and amazing wise women who care and love their work.

AMAZING! Really experiencing the outdoors, taking a break and meeting amazing people and making new friends.

An amazing experience that will help you build survival skills and a great place to make new friends

It is such an inspirational weekend with opportunities and I made amazing friends

Calm, relaxed, adventurous, experimental!

Scary at first but then I felt closer to everybody. Its so good for making new friends.


How has your experience/relationship with nature been affected by your experiences on Wild Time?

It has relaxed me and made me more comfortable in my body and my head.

Its made it even more brilliant being in the open air.

It has been affected a lot- and now I will spend more time outside

I have seen nature in a different more loving manner

It has developed it so much and helped me become closer to nature


In what ways has this programme supported you – and at this time in your life?

In every way! I loved It!

It has given me lots of confidence

Everyone was there for me if I was scared and helped me get to the top of the moor and back

It has supported me emotionally as it helped me to understand things I am going through

It has helped me understand myself more- to see that there are many sides to me.  I have felt more able to open up and I have made amazing friends.

“I have a greater understanding of other people’s feelings, their fears and strengths. It taught me that everyone is good at different things, that I can do things other people cant.”

“It is what I really needed at this time. I wasn’t very happy with how my life was going before I went on here and it made everything better. It gave me an escape – a place I didn’t worry, I could have fun and learn. I can be myself here and don’t worry about anyone judging me or criticising me.”

“Walking and canoeing showed me that I am strong and that I can do these things.  I never would have thought I could canoe that far or walk across the moors and navigate myself.”

“I is really fun to walk in a team with all girls. All girls means that it is not awkward. I felt I could be myself here.”

“...lots of amazing things and experiencing it with new friends and feeling that is special because you came through it all together.”

“Wild Time helped me figure out who I was. I am much more aware of who I am.  I am more confident and much more happy.”

“Full of laughs and fun, with great people and facilitators- in beautiful places- it was just AMAZING!”

“I have learnt so much in such a little time and I feel like I really know myself.”


Thank you Israh! What a glowing happy child we had at home yesterday - she has had an incredible time with you all. Thank you so much. I feel this could really change her outlook.  She is missing the experience already!